It`s easy to find your way into Fridn!


Download the app via AppStore or Google Play

How it work

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Sign in the system

Via website
Via the app


Tracker is the special app synchronized with your bracelet or watches which gets the information about the number of steps you made.

Turn on the tracker

How to connect the Mi Band tracker
How it work


Drop your steps into the Fridn system every day!

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Third step
Fourth step
Tracker keeps record of the user`s made activities
Data is sent via the mobile app to ecosystem
Data is verified and processed by the ecosystem
User gets FAR as the result of verification
How to trasfer your steps into FA.Steps with Mi Band
How to trasfer your steps into FA.Steps with Apple Watch
How it work

Now you can enjoy all the Fridn ecosystem advantages!

How it work

Fifth step

Take part in the referral program

In order to take part in referral program or upgrade your account, don`t forget to activate it by the referral code of your leader.