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How to extract cryptoassets?

Depending on the actions and activities performed, a variety of cryptoassets can be extracted with the use of various types of trackers.





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Preventative health care


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Distance learning of exact sciences and languages


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Following the rules of the road

*To start extracting FA.Assets, download the app and activate the tracker. Information on completed actions will be transmitted through Bluetooth Low Energy.

Why do you need FA.Step?

Why do you need FA.Step? On average, the number of steps a person takes in any given day is 4 961. Connect to the system now and in a year you will have:

1 810 765


2 456


The Fridn App for FA.Step

This is a super easy-to-use app that tracks your physical output. The system monitors the amount of cryptoassets you earn which can then be exchanged for fiat money, for purchases in partner stores, and/or make transactions with other users in the system.

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  • The FRIDN Ecosystem – the technology of today for the creation of a new and informed community tomorrow

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     The FRIDN ecosystem is the technology of the future designed to create a new and conscious community where people will receive rewards for physical, intellectual, and other achievements as a result of actions aimed at self-development. Why? Because the main value that the man can share to the world is himself.
     The FRIDN ecosystem comprises a new format for working with assets and is therefore a great investment opportunity; especially with its qualitatively new level of service in the sports and health industry, which motivates customers to continue to develop leadership skills by building their own teams. We invite all friends, partners, and participants to find out more about the project, to meet the team, and discover the opportunities!
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