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The Fridn Ecosystem

Achievement-based rewards

Ecosystem Fridn is a new paradigm in which personal effectiveness is paramount. The most important influence we have as human beings are the contributions we make to creating a better world. The Fridn ecosystem tracks these contributions, in essence, the effectiveness of our actions as healthy and constructive members of society, thereby transforming them into cryptoassets .

Ecosystem Fridn responds to the challenges of modern-day civilization. If tomorrow, the human workforce is replaced by one that is digitized or robotized, what will we do? We have the answer, and that is to dedicate our time to personal development while at the same time being profitable. Ecosystem Fridn – your answer to a healthy, efficient and prosperous future.

Ecosystem components


The technology behind extracting cryptoassets comes from an active and healthy lifestyle. Users can extract cryptoassets while doing little more than walking, learning a new in skill in the various fields of science, or by following the rules of the road while driving.


As an account management system for cryptoassets, it provides users with a wallet with which users are able to store, manage, receive or send cryptoassets to other users. Information on the amount of available cryptoassets, their origin, and their current rate in relation to fiat currency or cryptocurrency.


An electronic trading platform where you can buy or sell cryptoassets using crypto- or fiat currencies. The platform provides a number of tools for efficient and safe trading practices.


This system provides a full set of tools to make and accept payment for goods and services both online and in person. With the help of Fridn.Merchant, users and partners alike have access to a full set of financial tools for the use of Fridn cryptoassets.

Key Features

No electricity necessary

Users need only act to being extracting cryptoassets, rather than plug into a power source.

Necessary Tools

Instead of special and expensive equipment, users need only turn on the tracker on their smartphone.

No data centers

Rather than sign up and stay connected to a data centre, all you have to do to begin extracting Fridn.Assets is download the app on your smartphone.
Anyone can begin extracting with minimal financial investment. The exchange rate of crypto-assets within the Fridn system as well as that for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies is regulated by the market.

What are Fridn.Assets?

Fridn.Assets are cryptoassets extracted by users, which are then credited to electronic wallets following the completion and verification of that certain actions have been completed.

Depending on the type of activity, users can extract various cryptoassets, which are independent of each other and can be exchanged for other currencies or goods and services.



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Preventative Health Care

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Distance learning of languages and exact sciences

Coming soon...

Following the Traffic Rules

The Fridn ecosystem will provide third-party developers and technicians with the ability to produce cryptoassets for additional activities.

Choose how the Fridn ecosystem works best for you

As investor (buyer?)
Start earning as soon as cryptoassets increase in value
As extractor
Start extracting cryptoassets and benefit immediately
As contactor
Rewards for new users

To start reaping the rewards you’ll need our app – start extracting today!

Welcome to Fridn.World

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  • The FRIDN Ecosystem – the technology of today for the creation of a new and informed community tomorrow

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  • Questions and answers

     The FRIDN ecosystem is the technology of the future designed to create a new and conscious community where people will receive rewards for physical, intellectual, and other achievements as a result of actions aimed at self-development. Why? Because the main value that the man can share to the world is himself.
     The FRIDN ecosystem comprises a new format for working with assets and is therefore a great investment opportunity; especially with its qualitatively new level of service in the sports and health industry, which motivates customers to continue to develop leadership skills by building their own teams. We invite all friends, partners, and participants to find out more about the project, to meet the team, and discover the opportunities!
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